Presenter Information

Oral presentations:
We invite you to prepare a 15 minute oral presentation, which will be followed by a 5 minute slot for discussion (broadly equating to 15 slides at 1 minute per slide). 
Keep the introduction as short as possible. We also encourage making use of visuals as far as possible, rather than having text heavy slides.

Please bring a copy of the presentation on USB with you to the congress centre and upload your presentation in the speaker ready room: room 1.3
Make sure to upload your presentation at least 24 hours (if your presentation is scheduled on Thursday morning you can upload it Wednesday afternoon between 15.00-17.00 hrs. or asap on Thursday morning) prior to your presentation.
Please prepare your presentation in format 16:9 (PowerPoint or pdf).

Please note that you will NOT be able to use your own laptop computer. File formats must be compatible with PowerPoint or pdf.

Taking into account the large number of presentations that have to take place during each session, we would like to ask you to carefully stick with your presentation time. In all sessions, the last presenter will act as chairperson for the session. An important role for the chairperson is to ensure that the session runs on time and each presenter has their fair share of the available time for presentation and questions. If you have been appointed as the chairperson and do not feel confident for this task, please discuss with other presenters in your session to see if one of them is willing to take on the role.

Poster presentations:
Posters should be in A0 format and in portrait orientation (84,1 cm width and 118,9 cm). We encourage making use of visuals as far as possible, rather than having extensive text.

There will be an area in the lobby and the Trajectum in the congress center for all posters. You can mount your poster from Wednesday 11 July 13:30 pm but please mount your poster before Thursday 12 July 10:00 am, and do not remove it before Friday 13 July before 17:00 pm. 

You are required to be present by your poster during the Poster viewing hour on either Thursday or Friday (your scheduled date and time slot will be published on 10 May) in order to respond to questions from the audience.

The organizers will provide materials to mount your poster.